The Comprehensive Guide to HubSpot’s Video Features

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In 2015, video should be a weighty factor when considering a marketing automation platform. And for those looking at marketing automation platforms — HubSpot should be at or near the top of any evaluation list. But do HubSpot’s offerings meet your business video needs? This guide breaks down the HubSpot’s features and functionalities as they pertain to video.

3 Simple Tips To Make Your Content Great

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This is the bar your content has to clear on social: “Are you more interesting to me than my wife?”  ~ Jay Baer, Convince and Convert Writing good content is all the rage right now, and rightfully so. In fact, it’s something I struggle with myself. Companies can no longer get away with a lackluster content marketing plan or even … Read More

50 Tweetable Tips On How Companies Can Drive Engagement With Blogs

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Companies can benefit greatly by maintaining a blog. It helps drive engagement by establishing industry expertise, and can also promote products and generates leads by enhancing the company’s visibility in the market. A survey conducted by Hubspot, a marketing software company, indicates that more companies are adopting a blog and find it to be “critical” and “useful” to their business. … Read More

Referral Marketing: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?

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Think about the last product you purchased. I don’t mean a consumable or something you picked up at the checkout line in the supermarket. I’m talking about a product that required careful deliberation. For me it was the BenQ RL2455HM Gaming Monitor. As an avid gamer and seasoned couch potato I was looking to enhance my gaming experience by buying … Read More

Future of Content Marketing: What Do The Experts Say?

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Today content has become all-pervasive. From traditional white papers and e-books to six second Vines, content has taken over the marketing space for both B2B and B2C companies. With an increase in the adoption rate of marketers who use content marketing (93 percent, up 2 percent since last year) and an increase in the percent of B2B marketers who consider … Read More

4 Ways To Drive Better Results With Your Content

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Marketers are increasingly feeling the pressure to create high quality content that fits the context of the audience they are targeting. However, in order to create such content, marketers need to focus on optimizing their content marketing strategy by implementing a few key practices. Below I’ve outlined some of the ways that marketers can create more engaging content that drives … Read More

Importance of Content Marketing for B2B Marketers [Video]

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In today’s marketing world, content is becoming extremely important for B2B marketers. This was highlighted in a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, which indicates that 73 percent of B2B Marketers are producing more content now than a year ago. The tremendous increase in content can be attributed partially to the explosion and rapid advancement in technology and consumption … Read More